Our worship service is held on Sunday at 11 am in the church sanctuary. Typically the service lasts one hour with half an hour dedicated to worship through singing, prayer, giving, special music, and a children’s sermon. The second half hour is dedicated to the preaching of the Word by Pastor Ron Bly. Special programs are typically held on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, and Christmas. Once each summer, an outdoor service/picnic is held at a local pond in place of a Sunday morning service. We hope that you will join us this Sunday!

You’ll see a wide variety of attire at our worship services. Aside from dressing modestly, we feel it is more important that you’re here than what you wear. As for worship, we use a combination of music styles from traditional hymns to more modern worship songs. We use a combination of piano, organ, and audio soundtracks to provide the music. Our goal is to respect each generation while at the same time promoting Christ-honoring music. Finally, we use the King James Version of the scriptures for teaching, although other translations are occasionally referenced for comparison. 

Once per month on the first Sunday we celebrate Communion, or the Lord’s Supper. Communion, which is intended for believers, reminds us of the last supper Jesus shared with his disciples before his death. It is a time that we reflect upon the sacrifice that Jesus made for us on the cross while at the same time looking forward to his return for us. You are not required to be a member in order to participate, only that you have trusted in Christ for your salvation. Communion is usually held at the conclusion of the morning worship service.

Our sanctuary is handicapped accessible and there is a place that is open for wheelchairs. A special lift-chair is also available for those who need it. In addition, for those who struggle with hearing, we offer assistive listening devices which are personal earphones with an attached volume control that allows you to control your own volume. Those who use them always appreciate their capability as they make it possible for everyone to fully participate in our worship service. Our ushers are available to provide you with these devices or to assist you with others needs.